Executive coaching that will SHIFT your life from good to GREAT.

Most employers want to optimize their overall productivity for greater profits, increased team coordination, and improved quality of life, yet so many of them go about it the wrong way. We live in one of the most exciting times throughout history, having access to more information today than ever before, yet our workplace productivity has actually been declining. How is this possible?

At SHIFT, we have an innovative, transformative, and results driven approach for optimizing business productivity and employee engagement.

The creation of SHIFT came through the culmination of Dr. Erik Reis spending the last 6 years of clinical practice working with some of the most complex neurological and metabolic conditions throughout the world, which in turn provided an understanding about how real-world experience(s) in a workplace can have an effect on the health and wellness of an individual… And if the health of your employees can dictate the health of our businesses, why aren’t we looking for innovative ways to optimize overall health and cognitive function?

Speaking on these topics have allowed Dr. Reis to connect with the business community and more importantly, understand the problems entrepreneurs and businesses struggle with as they grow and scale their companies… Which in turn has allowed him to help businesses and entrepreneurs “Create Brain-Based Solutions for Workplace Problems.”

Applied Neuroscience.

Applied Neuroscience

Our brain has been termed “The Final Frontier” by many scientists and researchers studying in the field of modern neuroscience… Yet most of our business systems and models are based off the industrial revolution and machine-working years of post-war America. It’s time for us to ACTUALLY apply our current understanding of the brain to advance the efficiency and productivity of the individuals in our business.

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Practicing Mindfulness.

Practicing Mindfulness

Since our perceptions shape our reality, we must understand how to change our view(s) of a problem to change the outcome(s) with a new solution. Mental and mindful practices have been around for millennia, for good reason... Consistent practice and implementation can SHIFT your BUSINESS and your LIFE!

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Practicing Mindfulness.

Cognitive Optimization

We’re ALL looking for ways to optimize our mental endurance and cognitive processing capacity, so why do so many struggle finding solutions? A majority of people are looking for the “silver bullet” of cognitive performance, which is why SHIFT provides an arsenal of tools and simple action-steps to create lasting changes in your BUSINESS.

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Your neurological approach to strengthening management is a valuable asset for any company to be aware of and utilize in their organization.

We look forward to having an ongoing relationship with you so we can continue to benefit from your expertise.

- Greg Vrablik / President - Presidents Forum

SHIFT is continuously changing societies viewpoint of workplace productivity. It's focus on business and productivity, combined together with the knowledge of neuroscience and functional rehabilitation, allows SHIFT to blend these unique specialties together to make a lasting impact on an organization. Their impact goes far behind just work-life... They are creating a new business culture that has the ability to positively impact each and every employees' work and personal lives.
- Brady Kelley / Top 50 National New York Life Insurance Agent

The team at SHIFT is outstanding! As a high-level executive, clarity, focus and execution are everything. Well worth the investment for myself and our team!
- Nathan France / Social Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Investor

I have known Dr. Erik Reis professionally for several years. Individually, he possesses the knowledge and skills to help motivated professionals reach their potential. Now with the collective effort(s) of creating an innovative team at SHIFT, he has taken the complexities of this world and simplified them into simple actionable steps that can be used to improve the output of your business. Sometimes we just need a new perspective and fresh way of approaching our career and life; SHIFT will do just that for you. - P.T. / Financial Advisor