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SHIFT is an executive coaching company and an innovative business concept focused on helping organizations create "Brain-Based Solutions for Workplace Problems". Our clients hire us to help optimize workplace productivity by creating solutions that combine neuroscience, functional nutrition, mindfulness, and executive holistic coaching into individualized systems and programs. We work with corporate executives, sales representatives and business professionals to transform them from feeling unproductive, overworked, and unfulfilled to feeling satisfied with their job and living an optimal life by creating quality habits that will serve their personal and professional goals.


What Problems Do We Solve

Our clients hire us to create individualized systems and programs for the workplace in order to optimize mindset, productivity, and output. Although this is no easy task, we accomplish these outcomes by simply integrating holistic coaching and business psychology into a step-by-step program oriented at helping individuals reach their highest potential for peak results, without sacrificing their personal/professional quality of life.

Our Story

Our company started out with a simple observation... An observation of seeing people repeatedly struggle to find balance in their personal, professional, and social lives as a result of inadequate energy levels, poor cognitive function, and diminished general health due to workplace-induced burnout.

We saw people who were fighting to barely survive and maintain the status quo of working their entire lives just to get by, find their way to retirement, and THEN start living their life. We know life rarely works out in this way, so why do we all assume that WE are an anomaly in this fairy tale ending?

Over the past decade, we have seen multiple trends focused on innovative business ideas and systems that were designed to increase functionality and profitability for business, most of which relied on new communication platforms, advances in computer-based technology, and updating human resource departments. So why are we still struggling to produce efficient business systems and engaged employees in the late 21st Century?

Simple... We haven't looked at the BRAIN.

Within the last 5-10 years of research, neuroscience has seen an explosion of information in the areas of cognitive development and workplace psychology, but businesses are still behind in their ability to implement many of these strategies and systems into their business model to increase output while decreasing employee burnout and fatigue.

SHIFT was created out of the necessity and understanding that every single one of us has the unlimited potential to increase our ability to improve our brain, which leaves limitless possibilities in a limitless world of business and innovation.