When polled, 58% of U.S. employees stated they dread coming into work (Great Place To Work).


Half of employees polled stated they would sacrifice up to 29% of their current salary to work at a job they actually enjoy (HR Drive).


Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies nearly $500 billion a year (The Engagement Institute).


The associated costs surrounding “presenteeism” and subsequent poor employee health are estimated to be at least 2-3x greater than direct healthcare expenses (Worker Productivity Loss).

Leadership training is the bread and butter of every successful business, as it facilitates room for innovation, positive change, and continuous improvement.

Hiring a company or consultant to train your leadership team can be one of the most efficient ways to get your people on the same page. The globalization of the internet has allowed businesses to leverage outside expertise for maximizing output and creating a winning workplace culture.


On average, studies show that properly designed workplace wellness programs can yield an estimated return of investment of $1.50 to $3 per dollar spent over 2-9 years (US Chamber of Commerce).


Companies with high employee engagement outperform their competition by 147% (Gallup).


61% of employees make healthier lifestyle choices as a result of their company’s health and wellness program (Aflac).


Businesses utilizing the latest software and online learning platforms yield 26% greater profitability and generate 9% greater value with their physical assets in comparison to their counterparts (MIT Initiative on The Digital Economy).

According to The Industry Report, US companies and corporations spent about $83 billion in leadership training and consulting in 2019, with 44% stating they have future intentions of investing in online learning tools and systems to further support their businesses.

With the average business spending around $1,286 per employee on training and higher-learning systems, these numbers are expected to increase over time due to rapidly changing technology and the adoption of best-company practices.

At SHIFT, our training sessions are designed to be cutting-edge, fast-paced, and individualized to the clients we work with, which is why we offer both in-house and licensed online coursework to accommodate our clients’ needs.

Videos with Dr. Erik Reis

The Future of Business

The future of business is here.

We have no choice but to adapt and change the way we do business in the post-COVID world we’re living in… And that’s a good thing. It takes a different approach to bring different outcomes.

So how do we optimize our business? “We prioritize the business of health to improve the health of a business.”

Leadership training and brain-based consulting solutions are the future of business. 

“Conventions wisdom brings conventional results”
Marc Von Musser

The Power of Changing Our Leadership Mindset 

Your mind is your master, which is why mastering your mindset is essential for overcoming fears and new challenges within the workplace.

The brain is the final frontier… And understanding the brain will allow us to understand how to take our business and company culture to the next level.

If we can maximize our mindset, we can maximize our decision making, leadership skills, and overall productivity.

“I couldn’t change other’s until I changed myself”
Nelson Mandella

The Neuropsychology of Sales

It’s time to focus on creating a new identity for the way we do sales, as innovative sales techniques will always change with society’s norms and cultural shifts.

If we understand how impactful these sales tactics can be on the psychology of the mind, we will always have a solid foundation of knowledge to ensure the highest outcomes and opportunity for greater success in business.

“We do not buy for rational reasons; We buy for emotional reasons and then we justify it rationally”

Prioritizing the Business of Health to Improve the Health of Business

Whoever said “business isn’t personal” clearly didn’t understand business… Because business is always personal. It has to be. It’s full of people who collectively make up the business to make decisions, implement new tools, and create product/service(s) for their consumers.

But if our people come to work functioning at 50% of their total capacity due to health-related factors and poor energy levels, how does this affect our business outcomes? What does it do to productivity?

More importantly, what can we do about it?

We “Prioritize the Business of Health to Improve the Health of Business” by implementing science-based tools, tactics, and habits to optimize employee performance and general well being. It’s simple, but it’s not always easy…

“What’s simple to do is also simple NOT to do”
Jim Rohn

Brain-Based Habits of High Performance While Working from Home

Global Workplace Analytics estimates that 25-30% of the current workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021…

And these statistics were done BEFORE COVID-19 hit. Imagine what that trajectory looks like now…

With over 80-90% of employees wanting to work from home and/or planning on working remotely for the rest of their careers, this trend will continue to grow and change over time. How are you preparing your business and leadership team to withstand the inevitable changes of time? Discipline creates resilience, especially when motivation runs out.

Daily habits of success are key to providing the foundation for peak productivity while working from home; It all comes down to sticking to them.

“We are what we repeatedly do”


“Your neurological approach to strengthening management is a valuable asset for any company to be aware of and utilize in their organization.

We look forward to having an ongoing relationship with you so we can continue to benefit from your expertise.”

Greg Vrablik

President – Presidents Forum in Chicago

“Dr. Erik Reis is a genuine, empathetic, and competent visionary who will help you unlock your hidden potential. The knowledge and experience that Dr. Erik Reis has provided, along with his encouragement and motivation, has helped me discover and cultivate opportunities that have taken my personal and professional growth to the next level. I would not be the leader I am today without his coaching and guidance.”

Thomas Wagner

Award-Winning Medical Device Regional Sales Manager for Ottobock


“I reached out to Dr. Reis initially because I had nothing to lose. Fast forward eight months, and I’m a paying client. Dr. Reis’s coaching approach isn’t a cookie-cutter plan. It’s tailored based on need and continuously adjusted as my daily/monthly inputs changed. I look forward to our bi-weekly meetings. For me, it’s the combination of an experienced doctor, business coach, nutritionist, and personal trainer providing guidance instead of commands. He takes a brain-based approach to improve all qualities of life but simplifies the “why” (science) behind the change.

I’ve been resistant to change my entire life, but always open to improvement, and SHIFT, specifically Dr. Reis, has pushed my limits in all aspects. My mentality and life have SHIFTED (ask anyone around me) and that’s been solely due to the guidance and focus provided by Dr. Reis.”

Jared Herman

Sales Director for North Labs – AWS


“The start of the entrepreneurial journey is a roller coaster. After the first time I met Dr. Reis, my initial thought was “that guy believes I’m going to change the world more than I do.” Instantly I knew I wanted him as my executive coach. The confidence he instills in me, the neuroscience background and brain-based strategies we use, and the constant goal and vision setting have accelerated my growth 1,000%. In my lowest moments, he helps me reset, and in my best moments, he helps me consider what more I could be doing.

I believe wholeheartedly any business or individual would be transformed by working with Dr. Reis. Period.”

Timothy Bishop

Co-Founder of The Dreamers Initiative | Host of Dreamology Podcast | Video Storytelling